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More About Services:

The services presented on the left side of this page are representative of current and ongoing support that the local Bement Lions Club participates in. However, by no means is this all that the club is limited to. As a service based club we strive to do what we can when we can. So if you are in the Bement area community and are in need of assistance , or know someone who is, and you think the Lions Club of Bement can help, then please contact us. We may not have the resources locally to complete the service, but we can still assist you by providing the necessary assistance in either contacting the international organization, or by simply providing links to alternate organizations that may be better suited to the current need. Remember, We are Lions...We Serve! We don't just say it, we do it, and we mean it.

More about Events and Fund Raisers:

The Events listed to the right side of the page are the clubs well known outreach to raise money to support all those services we provide, and all those donations we make to support those within the our community. Most of the clubs fund raising events are designed for those 21 years old and above, so make sure to check the event scheduled to make sure as those under 21 would not be allowed into the venue. We do have events that do not require an age restriction so don't worry, we have it covered.First, we all know and love the big money Spring Extravaganza. This is the top event that the club holds annually ever spring, where there are lucky winners all night long, from 50/50's to paramutals, and the big 5000/500 money ball draw at the end of the night. The lucky two can draw it out to see who wins the big 5K and who walks with the 500 or they can decide to split and each walk away with 2750. And yes that's no a typo, it is thousands not tens.This event is 21 years of age or older only! Secondly, we have our annual chicken dinner, all ages welcome to come sit and eat some good fried chicken and sides with your friends and neighbors. Next, we have a new Trivia Night event. This event places teams of participants against each other to see who has the sharpest minds and best memories, or else maybe it is, who has the ability to store the most useless facts read from the internet, not quite sure which, but it's fun!! The Trivia event is generally intended for those 21 years of age or older, but is subject to change, so check with a lions club member to find out. Lastly in attempt to sound all smart and stuff, we have some new events in the research and testing phase. These include Euchre tournaments, and the Beer Garden. We hope to make the Euchre tournaments more regular and the Beer Garden annual event which coincides with the chicken diner event.The Beer garden is, and sorry youngsters, 21 years of age or older permitted only!

Lions Club Main Events and Annual Fund Raisers

Additional Events

Events listed in this section are subject to a bit of randomness and change depending on outside factors such as weather and venue availability.